Random Life As I Know It

Monday Madness

You know it’s going to be a long day, when it is 7:30am, you just got up, and you’re already looking forward to bedtime.

Last Monday, I went to the gas station to get gas, and somewhere in between me pulling into the parking lot and filling my car up with gas, the sliding door on my mini van decided to crap out on me.  It wouldn’t shut. Granted there was nothing wrong with the van itself.  It’s just a little hard to drive 70 miles an hour 45 minutes down the freeway when you have an open door. Trust me. It just is.

I took this as a sign that I was not meant to go to school that day.  I could bungee cord the door shut but god forbid I should drive around looking tacky, you know? So I went home,and did the most logical thing I could think of at the moment, and that is take a nap. Some time after the nap, I remembered that in class it was group project day, and realized I had just missed it.


Well, I paid for it; that’s for sure.  A few days later I got an email from one of the group members. Since I missed class (They didn’t say so but I’m sure this is the reason); they nominated me to record the entire podcast that we had due yesterday.   Did I ever mention that I am a horrible speaker? Yeah, well I am.  I can say anything I want on paper but when words come out of my mouth, I stumble around. As a friend of mine told someone else, this is how I best have a conversation (or argument): Person A says something to me.  Person B (me) thinks about it for a day or so and takes time to articulate a proper response.  I believe the term someone used to describe me is “cerebral.” (I think that was a compliment, but I’m not quite sure).  The point is I have spent so much time honing my written skills that my verbal skills have probably fallen by the wayside.

I wasn’t sure if I would be able to accomplish this task completely on my own, but I felt guilty, so I said yes.

(Note to self: register for a speech class next semester).

So anyways, I honestly tried all weekend (that’s a small fib) to get this podcast done, but with three very loud boys in the house at all times; one of them a very active 10 year old ASD kid, I just couldn’t get the podcast recorded without some type of weird  noise in the background. So I decided to wait until my kids had gone to their dad’s house, when I knew the house would be quieter.

And then somewhere during the course of the day, I went upstairs, came back down, to find that the screen on my laptop was shattered. Nobody knows how it broke. Of course not. Did I mention this entire project-including the script for the podcast-was on my computer?


So this is how I ended up staying up ridiculously late to get the assignment done.  (It didn’t help that one of my favorite shows “The Walking Dead” was having its season premiere last night, which just made me more irritable). By the time I figured out that I could hook my laptop up to my TV and record the audio on my phone, it was way past my bedtime and way past the due time.  I got the project done and uploaded it to Sound Cloud, so I can link it to my school project blog.

And 9 hours later, it says it is “still processing.”

So here is my Monday to do list:

  • Go to class. No excuses.
  • Bring coffee to class. This is a must.
  • Beg professor for mercy. He is nice. I think he will be forgiving.
  • Apologize to group members for missing the last class session.
  • Take laptop to computer shop after class and “hope” that it won’t cost me a lot of money to fix.
  • Go home and try not to take a nap.

By the way, the sliding door on my van that crapped out?  After I woke up from my nap last Monday, it worked just fine. Go figure.

Happy Monday!



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