Nablopomo Day 2: Yep, I’m Still Smiling.

It’s 9pm and I just realized that I have yet to post anything for day two of nablopomo. So here I am.

Rather than writing some lengthy forced post (because I am quite honestly too tired to think) I want to share something that a very good friend of mine posted to my Facebook timeline yesterday.  It is a clip from a commencement speech comedian Jim Carrey gave recently.  I can always use a good dose of inspiration, and this fit the bill perfectly.

(Sidenote, I am not a huge Jim Carrey friend, but I have to admit, the guy is a gifted comedian. And lets talk about his motivational speaking abilities).


And this is why I love the friends I have.

Watching this clip was how I started out my day yesterday.  Then when my son and I went out for our twice a month Saturday morning  breakfast, we got a free piece of chocolate cake to eat while we waited for our omelets.  It was a good start to the day. All day I was in the best mood I could possibly be in, for no real good reason whatsoever.  And I thought to myself,


This is the best I’ve felt in I don’t know how long.

And for some reason, I feel invincible.

Yep, it was that good of a day.




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