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I’m Still Standing!

I’m feeling mentally exhausted after yesterday. As I mentioned yesterday, I once again had a “nudge” towards law school; something I’ve considered before, but have always questioned how realistic that goal is. So I am now thinking about college and my mind is wandering with all of the possibilities!

Since it is almost 11:00pm and I want to stay with my 30 day blogging challenge, here is a video of the song I was listening to on my way to court shenanigans.  This song was particularly fitting yesterday. It just was.  I was in close proximity to someone who tries very hard to knock me down. Guess what?  He never wins.  I won’t let him 🙂

Anyways, here’s the song, and I will hopefully post something more substantial tomorrow 🙂

Elton John is amazing! I love all of his songs.  This video is slightly weird, though.

Til next time.



4 thoughts on “I’m Still Standing!

  1. Great song choice!!! I saw Elton John in concert, and he was nothing short of awesome. And I can so relate to this song!


      • monaresa, it’s not just that his music is great, and that he’s great at performing it — but he played a LONG concert, and all the meanwhile, he was sort of moving around as he played that piano, like he does. He puts everything into pounding out his music on the keyboard, and I was just amazed at his sheer physical stamina. It was a joy, and I certainly couldn’t have done it!


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