NaBloPoMo / Random Life As I Know It

Nine of 30!

Our TV broke yesterday.  This is the TV that I proudly bought a few months ago when the gigantic one I inherited in my divorce broke. I was overjoyed when that TV broke.  Now with this TV not so much. I’ve owned it for less than 5 months.

The good news is that the iPad that flew through the air and hit the TV is working perfectly.  It turns out that Otterboxes protect iPads just as well as they break televisions.

So obviously I was pretty angry last night.  I sent Henry (the one who threw the iPad) to his room.  Then I sat there looking at the TV, and realized that there are way more important things to worry about in the world rather than getting upset over the TV. Henry understands that he messed up.  I think.  His iPad went away which was punishment in itself.

Anyways, so today we didn’t have the TV on all day, and you know what?  Everyone survived.   And we got stuff done.  We cleaned out our garage and got ready for the snowstorm that is on its way here. And when I called everyone for supper everyone sat down for supper right away.  But most of all, no one complained.

I think we all realized how unimportant the TV really is. At least today. Tomorrow may be different.

I may wait a few days to get the TV fixed. Today was a good day.



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