NaBloPoMo / Random Life As I Know It

Day 12: Life is Really Random Sometimes

When our son turned 18 we knew he’d need someone to oversee his legal and personal matters and so we (meaning my ex and I) both petitioned for full guardianship.  It started out being a contested issue; i.e., we both wanted the same thing and to be the only one to have it. The judge was wise, however. She gave it to neither one of us.  Rather, we had to pick a neutral person, and for the first time since our divorce maybe, we agreed on a matter relating to one of our children.

This is why I love my son’s guardian so much. It gives me a sense of hope. She has truly been a blessing for our family.

Over the past few months, particularly, since my son moved in with me on a full-time basis, we’ve really gotten to know her. We even invited her to his graduation party and she brought her husband with.  He was a very nice man-warm, friendly, and easy to talk to.

She was at our house visiting this past Thursday afternoon, and as always, was talking about her husband.  She emailed me yesterday to tell me that he had passed away unexpectedly a few days ago. He was only 56. My heart has been aching for her and her daughter tremendously all day.

Life.  So random, indeed.

There are only three things that are 100% true for any of us.  We’re born, we live for an indeterminate amount of time, and then when our time is up, we pass on. Life can’t get any more basic than that. It’s our job to fill in the gaps in between, until we get to the end.

And none of us know when that’s going to happen.  So we might as well make the most of what we have in our lives and enjoy every moment. Because you never know when it will be over.

Live every day like it is the best day of my life? Absolutely.






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