Day 18: I’m Still Hanging In There!

Once again it is the end of the day and I realized that I still have to post something for the nablopomo challenge.  So here is more randomness:

Today I got an A on a research proposal for a paper. That’s great. My professor loves my writing, However, my professor doesn’t like my paper idea.  This is the class where I am writing about “nomophobia,” that is, smart phone addictions.  Apparently “addiction” is more of a psychological subject, rather than rhetorical. They’re close though.  But not close enough. I guess he was a little too vague about saying we could write about most anything.

He suggested I write about feminism and smart phones (Did you know Siri has a competitor with Windows? Her name is Cortana. And apparently they have a competition for who is “prettier. Uh huh.)  This would be the second paper I’ve written on feminism. Did I mention that I am not that interested in feminism? Yeah, well I’m not.  But on some level I must be if I’ve written at least one paper on it.

(The paper was on Women in Disney.  I can guarantee you it changes your perspective on all Disney films after you start researching the topic of women in Disney.)

On the other hand, another professor wants me to develop a “specialty.” So she has suggested that I focus my papers on autism. But that is for that class, not this one.

Maybe I can write about the rhetoric of feminists with autism?

I get where my professors are coming from. However, I just like to write.  One professor a couple of years ago told me that I would make a good professional blogger.  I don’t know if he was filling my head with a load of crap or not. I’m going to assume that he was being honest with me.  He didn’t tell me what I should write about; just that I should write.

Yep, I just like to write. I’ve kept a journal since I was 12. I write short stories, poetry, novels, non-fiction, academic stuff, and these silly little blog posts, to name a few.  What do I enjoy the most about it?  The process. I love seeing the words appear on paper.  Even as I type this now I am not really thinking about what I am going to say before I type it.  I put my hands to the keyboard and let them click on the letters to form multiple series of words. Next thing I know I have a whole blog post written, just like that.

Just like now. A post about writing. My life. 🙂

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