Random Life As I Know It

Day 19: I Put this Post off Until Today.

The other  night when I was on my way to bed when I thought about this great idea for a blog post, then I thought to myself,

I’ll write it tomorrow.

And here it is, three days  months later after I wrote the above sentence,  and I have yet to finish said post. So I’m finishing this post today; no matter what.

I am a major procrastinator. In fact, if I thought that I had anything life-skills wise that I needed to work on (which admittedly, I do), it would be the fact that I very often put things off until the last possible minute, and then scramble to get it done.

In fact, when I started this post, I was supposed to be studying for a certification test for my job. Passing the test meant getting a pay raise.  I used starting this post as an excuse to not study for my test.

(I passed the test by the way. I also got a pay raise. That was three months ago).

So not only do I procrastinate, but I am easily distracted as well.

Anyways, today I was thinking about this today; mainly because yesterday I got the law school information I sent away for.  IF I go to law school, it will mean that I will not be done with school until the year 2019. Yikes. That means I will not finish school until I am close to (number I can’t bring myself to write). Let’s just say I’ll way beyond my prime.


I ran into one of my professors today. She taught my first class back to college two years ago.  When she saw me in the hallway, she stopped, looked at me and said,

“You’re still HERE?”

So I’m assuming that she is surprised I didn’t graduate yet. Because I took her intro to English studies class two years ago for a program that is typically two years.  I hope she wasn’t thinking she was surprised I didn’t drop out (Again.)

I told her, “Yes. But I’m done in the Spring!”

So maybe it’s taken me a while, but this is one thing I’m finally getting done 🙂







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