Day 25: Tuesday Reflections

It was kind of mellow day today. This morning I attended the funeral of the mother of a friend of mine. She passed away from lung cancer.

One thing that always intrigues me about funerals are the things that you learn; the stories you hear when people start talking about the loved one. I didn’t know this woman very well. Her daughter is a friend of mine, which is why I was there.

When my grandma passed away 6 years ago, I remember going to the visitation at the funeral home and discovering all sorts of things about my grandma that I never knew.  For instance, I had never known that she didn’t become a US citizen until much later in her life; after she was in her 50’s.

The funeral I was at this morning; she knew that the cancer was taking over her life. She knew her time was coming and so she planned the entire funeral, down to the hymns that were sung.  She had sat with the pastor and told him what she wanted everyone to know about her when she moved on.

Her message for everyone? She left this world happy, and filled with peace.

Which when you think about it, are the only two things that really matter in life, right?

My only real goal in life is to be happy, and die happy.




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