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Day26: Maintaining Your Way Through The Holidays

These are the kind of assignments you get when you are an English major. This is a post I wrote for a WordPress blog I have to participate in for the semester. This is one of two blogs I had to create for two separate classes.(If I am creating blogs on WordPress, you can probably see why I like school).
Funny story, I had to join a group and picked two people who seemed really nice. Then they both said they wanted to do a health and fitness blog. Well guess what? I am not an expert on healthy eating. And my idea of working out is walking upstairs to go to bed. But I had already committed to working with these two particular people.  And somehow I manage to get good grades. I swear that the class is not creative writing, although I think it could be.

I might follow my own advice tomorrow, when it is Thanksgiving. Or not. I anticipate on eating, a lot.

Bodies on A Budget

So you’ve developed a healthy eating plan and you’re starting to get yourself on track with your fitness goals…and then you realize that you have another challenge: holiday gatherings.

When I first started changing my eating habits the one thing that I found challenging was social gatherings.  It was easy to control the food that I ate at home, and even when I was out and about.  But then I would go to someone’s house and all of a sudden I found myself staring at tables full of food that I knew I would likely eat even though I knew that I shouldn’t.  The holidays were the hardest.  If your family gatherings are anything like the ones I go to, you know that eating healthy can sometimes be a real challenge.

These are some habits I’ve adopted over to eat my way through the holidays without compromising too much of…

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