Random Life As I Know It

Thoughts on The Fourth Day of The Year

For many years I swore that the year I was currently experiencing was the “worst” ever. Bad things kept happening, and despite the fact that I would wish the badness of the year away, things only seemed to get worse with the change of the new year. At a certain point every year seemed to become the new “worst year ever.”  When every year seemed to be the same, I declared it to be the “worst decade ever.”

In defense of my poor attitude, for a while it felt like a whole lot of bad things were happening continuously, and they probably were.  It was a whole sequence events, starting from when my husband got injured on the job and was out of job for several months. Not long after he went back to work, he got laid off from the same job.  We were living off of my menial cashier job, his measly unemployment benefits, and food stamps.  Around the same time our marriage fell apart…which in turn led to a whole other sequence of events, including our divorce and the after effects of that. After effects that I still, almost 4 years later, continue to experience.

Now that I’m halfway through the decade that I swore would be “the worst decade of my life ever,” I realize that things slowly have gotten better, and certain situations are settling down. I still don’t know when or how that happened, but hey, it happened.

I have no idea how 2015 is going to go…but 2014 was pretty darn good, and what do you know, I am in a pretty good place in my life.  So I look forward to seeing what the new year brings me!

Happy (Somewhat Belated) New Years to you and yours!

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