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Here’s A Story

Yesterday one of my coworkers told me that our former boss had stopped by with some great news: Her book was finally published! And, we could buy it on Amazon.com for only $17.99!

A few months ago, she (my then boss) and I were talking and she told me that she was in the final stages of publishing a book.  It’s a non-fiction memoir type piece, about growing up without her mother.

I think the book will be interesting. But more intriguing to me is the fact that my boss, a pharmacist by trade, has published a book, of all things. And here I am, telling the world that I will publish a book some day, with about a 48 page unfinished book sitting on my laptop, waiting to be finished. It’s been sitting there for a long time.

So this is my deal: I have the entire story in my head. I really just need to put it out on paper. I love my characters; all of them.  I know them so well that they are really like good friends to me. I don’t agree with some of the things that they do but then again, they’re my characters, not me.

My main character has a smoking habit and swears a lot…things I don’t do myself.  In fact, he’s done a lot of questionable things that I know deviate quite a bit from my typical good girl behavior.  But then again, he is a character in my book, and not me.

There are a few reasons why I have yet to finish this story that I’ve been working on for at least 5 years now:

  •  I know how it ends, and the ending makes me mad.
  • What if I have no more story ideas after this book?
  • What if I publish and no one likes my book?
  • What if I publish and everyone likes my book, and expects even more?

As for not having enough time.. I am pretty sure that I waste a fair amount of time. I can’t even really use school as an excuse, as I do not just go to school, work, and study all the time. Even with a full load of homework, I do manage to find time to do things like watch TV or other random extracurricular stuff.

I really just think that my only real issue is that I don’t know what is going to happen next. Maybe I don’t need to know what’s going to happen next. Do we ever really need to know what the outcome is going to be with everything? Is there any way to ever really be sure of the outcome of anything in life?

Either way, I’m never going to know, if I don’t get to finishing my book…right?


3 thoughts on “Here’s A Story

  1. What’s that Nike phrase? Just do it! Easier said than done, but at least you know the ending. I tried writing and couldn’t IMAGINE an ending. The whole thing was so convoluted, I couldn’t even remember the character’s names. Just thought you might be encouraged to know you are so far ahead of me and countless other like me! So do it!!! Do it for those of us who can’t think of an ending! 🙂


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