Random Life As I Know It

Did You Vote Today?

I did.  Gotta exercise my constitutional right.

On my 18th birthday, which happened to fall on an election day, my dad drove me to our designated polling place and helped me register to vote.  Then he told me who to vote for. It wasn’t a presidential election and don’t ask me who or what I was voting for because I have no clue. These days I try to make much more informed choices.

Anyways, I do know people who for whatever reason do not vote. I do not get that. I think that voting is one of those fundamental rights that every American citizen should exercise, especially women, who less than a century ago were finally given the right to vote.  Up until then men didn’t think that women were capable of making such important decisions.

(The fact that a woman is running for president this year goes to show just how far we have come. Even if you aren’t a Hillary supporter, you’ve got to admit that Susan B. Anthony would be busting with pride right now).

We all have a voice. It is up to us to make that voice heard.


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