NaBloPoMo / Random Life As I Know It

The day after.

Nablopomo day 9. I’m debating whether or not to post something meaningful about the presidential election results, but I’ve got nothing. It’s not that I am trying to be flippant or act as if I don’t care, because that is quite the opposite. This was the first presidential election where I had a definitive plan about who I would not vote for. I voted and I made my choice and I’m okay with the choices I made. Seriously, though…I have read and heard some pretty intense things today, and it is quite draining. Right now I am watching the local news where there is a developing story about a growing group of Trump protestors.

The most amusing thing that happened yesterday was when I went to vote and there were all those incumbent judges that basically were going to get reelected regardless of who voted for them. The judge who signed off on my divorce was on the ballot.  For a brief moment I considered whether or not I should vote for him, then I wondered if my EH was staring at the ballot somewhere else wondering the same thing.

Tomorrow I will go back to doing my part to change the world, and will resume looking for a way to show my daughter that the glass ceiling can and will be broken. I promise.



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