About me


IMG_2153Hello and thanks for checking out my blog!

I am a writer living in a small farming community in the NW Twin Cities, MN, that is quickly becoming more suburban every single day, especially since there is a Taco Bell down the street.

I Blog About Autism

…and all of the unique challenges one faces when they are parenting special needs children. Autism has been in my life for over 20 years now. We are pretty good friends.

I am absolutely not an expert on Autism. However, I am an expert on my children, and how their Autism impacts their life and mine.

I Blog About Divorce

…and all the life lessons I have learned since the papers were signed six years ago.  Divorce was my proverbial lemon and I learned how to make lemonade from it. It wasn’t easy.

I struggle sometimes when I realize that some of the best things that have happened to me in my lifetime were a direct result of my divorce.  I got a tattoo, earned a college degree, bought a car for the first time ever, met some new people, found a new career path, and oh yeah, started this blog. More than ever, I am inspired to write.

Sometimes the most beautiful light can emerge from absolute darkness.

I Blog About Random Life

…because lets face it, you never know what’s going to inspire you. When it happens to me, I get out my pen and write.

Simply Stated, my life is….


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